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How to Cope With a Sudden Pet Loss

Dealing with the abrupt death of a furry friend can be a highly emotional period for the majority of pet guardians. Many of us view our animals as cherished members of our household. When they pass away suddenly, a piece of us departs with them. We lament their absence just as we would any other […]

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Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Pet

Losing a dearly loved pet can be an overwhelming experience for anyone; but, children struggle more to learn and comprehend. Children usually have a soft spot for pets, they give the kids the chance to communicate, love, and receive comfort from the pet. On the loss of a pet, children oftentimes find it hard to […]

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Preparing for Pet Loss: Practical and Emotional Considerations

Losing a beloved pet is unavoidable in any pet ownership and it is a very emotional journey. The fact of pet loss involves a combination of practical and emotional considerations, which necessitates a compassionate and understandable approach. Understanding the Grief Process Pet grievance is an individual process of grieving for an owner expecting his/her farewell with […]