Grieving the Loss of Your Pet: Resources for Coping

It may be quite tough to grieve the loss of a pet. However, there are many helpful books, videos, hotlines, and support groups available. The list of grieving resources for pet loss is provided below.

Videos About Coping With the Death of Your Pet

The following are some of the videos that you can watch online to help you deal with the loss of your pet. 

  • Grieving the Loss of a Pet

With this meditation on pet loss and remembering conducted by Best Friends co-founder Cyrus Mejia, take a tranquil stroll through Angels Rest. Inhale deeply and take solace in words of consolation and visions of the stunning red-rock scenery.

  • Pet loss grief; the pain explained 

Dr. Sarah Hoggan is an emergency veterinarian who gave this TEDx Talk. She discusses mourning and the death of a pet in it. It starts a little depressing, but if you persevere, you’ll get yet another viewpoint on a subject that is very important to us.

Online resources for the death of a pet

Here are some of the top online resources for grieving pet parents. 

  • Letters of Pushkin

Writing letters to Pushkin is a therapeutic way to express oneself and find healing. You may upload a photo, write a letter to your pet immediately, and choose to make it public so that others can read it. You may also view your letter on the Internet a few days later by going back.

  • The Argus Institute

The Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Argus Institute respects the relationship between humans and animals by offering sympathetic care to those who have lost a pet. Links to resources for pet loss are provided on the website, including information on individual therapy, support groups, and how to make end-of-life decisions for a pet.

Pet Loss Support Groups and Hotlines

Some of the pet loss groups and hotlines to help you with the process are: 

  • Grief Healing provides a list of several pet loss hotlines and online support communities.
  • The Pet Loss Support Page has a list of hotlines along with a ton of additional resources for grieving.
  • The Michigan State University’s Veterinary Medical Center hosts a pet loss support group with virtual sessions that may be viewed by internet or phone.

Books to Help with Pet Loss

You can read some of the following books to help you overcome grief following the loss of your furry friend. 

  • Gary Kowlaski’s book Goodbye, Friend offers a wealth of wise and sympathetic suggestions on how to cope with the death of a pet. There are suggestions for rites and rituals, spiritual counseling, and comforting readings.
  • Gary Kurz has authored another book titled Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates. The book aims to address concerns regarding pets’ afterlife and might assist you in adjusting to their death.
  • A nurse and certified pet bereavement counselor, Betty Carmack has authored Grieving the Death of a Pet. She drew inspiration for this book from her own personal pet loss as well as her work as a counselor for bereaved pet owners.

If you have recently lost a loved one, Gentle Pet Crossing is ready to help you arrange for your departed loved one to receive their last respects. Please contact us immediately if you require assistance!