Don’t Leave Your Pet at the Vet: Say Goodbye to Your Departed Friend

Having a dear pet die is definitely the most heartbreaking experience for a pet owner. For several decades many owners of the dead pets used to leave them at the receiving offices of the vet. However, times are changing, and pet owners too are coming to recognize that it is critical to part ways in a more pleasant and homey setting. Our beloved Gentle Pet Crossing knows the importance of this precious moment, and it provides a peaceful sanctuary for pet owners who are grieving and in need of peace and closure. Here is why you should consider saying goodbye to your furry friend at our sanctuary. 

A Sanctuary for Solace

Gentle Pet Crossing fully realizes how crucial those last minutes are. This is the reason for establishing such a place of comfort and peace for pet owners while coping with such a difficult time. Rather than going to the vet and leaving the pet there, people decide to bring their pets to our sanctuary.

Our sanctuary is a place that is by all means convenient and comfortable for pet owners to share with their dearly loved pets their last minutes together. Rather than speeding through the process or with a sense of separation, pet owners can choose to light up a candle or write a note with a kind word and place it in the prayer box. Such little routines might seem insignificant, but in fact, they are very effective in terms of the grieving process. The owners might use these rituals to show their love and thankfulness in a most meaningful way.

We provide the opportunity for pet owners to spend the last moments of being with their pets by holding a special service for them. This way we intend to support the practice of attending a funeral or memorial for animals one holds dear. Taking a moment to commemorate the memories that a departed soul shared with us at a funeral can be a good way to get over the sadness and can bring some peace during grief.

Instead of a place for sorrow, this facility gives owners of pets an understanding shoulder to grieve. Grief comes in many forms including seeking isolation or bonding with family and friends. That is why we offer a space of quietness and comfort to anyone who wants to have “me time” or share.


Goodbyes with a pet, which is the dearest and closest, is very difficult, but an unavoidable part of the mourning process. The practice of sending a pet to the vet is intangible; it denies people the solace they need during this trying moment. An owner gets to see their pet off with all comfort, kindness, and respect, which is a very important part of grief.

Gentle Pet Crossing is here to help you get through this trying period. As an eco-friendly alternative to flame cremation, we offer aquamation services for South Florida from Vero Beach to Miami with sanctuaries in Lake Worth Beach, Port Saint Lucie and Fort Lauderdale. We also provide a pickup service. Contact us immediately for guidance and information services.