Top Ways to Memorize your Pet after It Has Passed on!

One of the most difficult experiences that a pet parent can go through is losing their beloved animal companion. The grief that comes with the loss of a pet is intense, much like how one might grieve the loss of a close friend or relative. Even though it may seem completely unfair that their lives are frequently so brief in comparison to our own, you can still keep sweet memories. And, the best way to remember a pet who has passed on is to celebrate their spirit and memory. Here are the top ways to remember a deceased pet.

  • Conduct a memorial service

Invite the right mix of friends and family—those who get it, those who loved you and your pet and will bring the right level of comfort and respect—and hold a service in your home, backyard, or somewhere special. Perhaps the two of you had a special song, or a particular tune reminds you of them. Have the right friends share their thoughts about your mutual friend or their memories of the two of you together.

  • Create a website or blog in honor of your companion

This has worked for some people, and it could also work for you. For example, the pet parents of black Labrador Duke Roberts turned her final day into a blog, which went viral with collective tears. This works particularly well if you know the final day of your pet’s life. You can create a website or blog such as “My Last Day.” However, you can still go this way even if you didn’t know or plan the day. Just plan to develop “The Life of…” page, and you are good to go. Creating a website or blog will help you attain both commemoration and closure. Blog sites such as WordPress offer a simple way to create a page even if you aren’t web savvy.

  • Video reflections

You can make a video if you have photo or video fragments that can be combined into a short video. You can also add a song that perfectly describes your dog, and video creation software such as iMovie or MovieMaker comes in handy here. Thankfully, if you, a family member, or a friend are not capable of producing it, there are services to do it for you. Posting it to YouTube (private or public) allows you to pause and revisit that period whenever you’re passing by the dog park and feeling sentimental.

  • Contributions of dogs

Paying it forward canine-style might be the best way to memorize your pet and find your own future steps. The choices are numerous when it comes to this: Did they enjoy playing with children? Did you acquire them at a nearby animal shelter? Did they have a canine condition that is being studied? You could donate to support a general or specific cause, such as the Animal Humane Society or the Canine Cancer Research Fund. One way to connect them with a final act of love could be to make a donation to charity in their honor.

While loving a pet is fun, losing one is challenging and sometimes extremely painful. You can deal with your grief in a healthy way by using these suggestions. Additionally, these suggestions for memorializing your deceased friend will enable you to honor their life and cherish the special moments you two shared for several years to come.

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