Gentle Pet Crossing vs. The Vet: Aquamation Our Way

Why Us?

All animal owners know the grief that comes with saying goodbye to a beloved pet. No matter how obvious the animal’s suffering might be, making the decision to put a pet down will take a toll on any animal-loving family. Gentle Pet Crossing eases this process by surpassing the typical services offered to families during this tough time.

Veterinarians are priceless to pets, and we value their services in many ways. Our goal as a member of the community is to go above and beyond what we’ve received from them as pet owners ourselves. Our veterinarians have the responsibility of caring for pets throughout their lives, and Gentle Pet Crossing picks up where they leave off.

A pet lover smiles at her pup.

Time Is On Your Side

Gentle Pet Crossing is open seven days a week at both locations. Most veterinary offices close up shop at least one or two days a week, which is understandable but still leaves grieving clients at an inconvenience if they need to schedule their pet’s appointment immediately on a vet’s weekend day. We think our clients should be as free to set their schedule as possible under difficult circumstances.

In-Home or Out of the Way

A lot of veterinarians still require people to bring their pets into an office environment to perform euthanasia, but Gentle Pet Crossing gives animal owners two choices: putting their pet down at home, or at GPC’s location.

There is only one person who can decide which option is best: you, the pet owner. If you and your family will handle the moment better in the comfort of your home, that’s fine with us. If you don’t want the memory of losing your pet in your home, we understand that too, and both of our locations offer privacy for the difficult moment of saying goodbye. Our primary concern is the well-being of our clients, and we want to ease the process as much as possible.

A family enjoys their time with a beloved pet.

Leaving a Better World

Aquamation, or alkaline hydrolysis, sets a standard for environmental responsibility in cremation. Traditional flame-based cremation uses more fuel, emitting more greenhouse gases, and Gentle Pet Crossing urges aquamation because we want to contribute as little as possible to pollution.

Most vets still offer the standard heat cremation, but you can help us make aquamation the go-to for pet owners experiencing a loss. Only around 2 percent of pet owners choose it as a method of handling their pets’ remains, as opposed to 48 percent who go with burial, 40 percent who opt for traditional cremation and 3 percent who choose body donation. Services like ours, and caring pet owners like you, will help to eventually tip the numbers in favor of the environment.

After the Fact

If your family chooses cremation as after-death body care, a vet office will typically take at least four weeks to return your animal’s remains. Gentle Pet Crossing returns them in just one week, cutting off most of the worry and inconvenience of that long waiting time.

Nothing replaces a loved one after they pass, human or animal. Gentle Pet Crossing wants to help our clients through their grief by giving them the most ethical and convenient options available. Feel free to call us anytime at (561) 323-4542 or (561) 899-8550 if you have questions or need our services.