Pet Keepsakes for Dogs

After one of your pet dogs passes on, you’ll have a few choices for afterlife care services and keepsakes. Gentle Pet Crossing utilizes aquamation for pets, which is cremation aided by water. As such, you’ll be able to retain more of your dog’s remains, since cremation by fire causes a heavier loss. There is also the possibility that the ashes would be mixed with the remains of other animals. With aquamation, your pet’s remains will be all you keep, untarnished by the remains of other pets.

The keepsake or memorabilia you select for your loved pet is important. It symbolizes your relationship with your dog and underscores the connection and companionship you shared. It lets you remember the best times you had every time you see the keepsake.

In your home, you’ll want to dedicate a space for the remains of your pet dog. Some people have shelves where they keep all of their past pets, while others keep the memorabilia in cabinets or on mantle tops. Where you plan on keeping your pet will directly impact what kind of keepsake you’ll get. Most pet owners choose small boxes with engravings or small, simple urns for their pets. This allows them to be stored in places without taking up a lot of room. There are other options, though, especially if you want to get something a little out of the ordinary. Portraits and paintings can be made of your dog so that you can hang them somewhere in your house. There are even pieces of urn jewelry that you can purchase that allow you to keep your pet with you at all times. At Gentle Pet Crossing, we know how important your pet dog was to you, so we want to keep their memory vivid and close for you.

Urns and Boxes

Urns are popular choices for pet remains. Photo by Lauren Hay on Unsplash.

Urns are the most popular keepsake for dogs, followed by resting boxes. The boxes tend to have the names of the dog on them, whether as engravings or as impressions. Urns often have cards that display the name of the dog. Gentle Pet Crossing offers simple yet elegant designs for urns and boxes. You may want a sleek alloy urn or a small container, depending on the size of the space. You can select a wooden box with brass paw prints or a copper raku urn. Our rosewood urns are also popular options.

Dog Portraits

Portraits and paintings are personalized keepsakes that show your pet in the most loving light. Often, artists cast their renditions of the dog, but photographers may also superimpose two images of the dog onto a simple background, place them in a specific scene, or even photograph them at home where they’re most comfortable. You can select whatever kind of frame for the portrait or painting, as well as a good size – small picture frames can go on dressers, while large paintings can be hung on the wall.

Dog portraits often show the dog at rest, such as in his favorite bed or relaxing with a toy he had since he was a puppy. If you take your dog on vacation, you could have one of the photos blown up to commemorate your pet. Portraits let you look at your dog over and over, even when they’ve passed on.

Small Pet Keepsakes

dog and woman
Do you need a keepsake to remember your beloved pet? Photo by Adam Griffith on Unsplash.

Remembering your dog is a daily activity; you don’t need a keepsake to trigger your memories. But it’s hard, at times, to keep the keepsakes safe or ensure they won’t be damaged. Urns and delicate boxes are more liable to break than other keepsakes, so in selecting them, you should know how careful to be whenever you move them or relocate. To combat this issue, you can choose different kinds of keepsakes for your pet dog.

Smaller keepsakes are easy to move and are harder to break. Some can even be worn; pet keepsake jewelry is a popular option. Some of the items include:

  • Bracelets with remnants of your dog, complete with paw impressions or nose impressions
  • Lockets of your dog’s hair or whiskers
  • Keychains that contain your dog’s remains

Nose and paw impressions can be taken for different pieces of jewelry. If you want to keep your dog close to you after they’ve left, a locket on a bracelet or necklace is a good choice. You’ll always be able to feel the piece of jewelry and think of your pup.

Many dog owners like that they do not only have to keep their dog at home. They can take them with them everywhere in the same way the dog was a companion throughout life. It can be comforting knowing that your dog will still accompany you on all of your adventures and stages of life, no matter where you go.

Gentle Pet Crossing can help you decide what best suits your needs if you’re unsure of what keepsake to choose.

Specialized Dog Keepsakes for You

Gentle Pet Crossing cares for all pet owners and their dogs. We know the difficulties in losing a dog and how tough it is to say farewell to a lifelong companion. In addition to our aquamation services, we offer many types of keepsakes for your dog. Your dog was beside you for so much, and it’s only right to treat them with the same respect they had for you.

Contact Gentle Pet Crossing if you’d like to learn more about aquamation and the different keepsakes we offer for your dogs. Our aquamation services are safe for the environment, and they make sure that you retain more of the remains of your dog. The emissions that come from cremation by fire are harmful to the environment, and crematoriums usually have other pets’ ashes in the furnaces. Our goal is to bring you the remains of your dog and your dog only.

Gentle Pet Crossing is here for dog owners from start to finish. We can help you with euthanasia services, grief counseling, funeral services, and more. Don’t hesitate to call if you need assistance through one of the toughest periods of life.