Gentle Pet Crossing’s 1-Year Anniversary Event

October 26th marks the day of our 1 Year Anniversary Event! Gentle Pet Crossing has been in operation for a year now, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have not had the chance to fully showcase our services and introduce ourselves to the city at large. Thankfully, the day has arrived, and we’re honored and blessed to be surrounded by our supporters in the community.

We’re proud to call Lake Worth Beach our home and to be a part of such a caring and supportive community. From local businesses to local citizens, from restaurants to vets, we appreciate the connections we’ve made, continue to make, and will make in the future.

Our 1-Year Anniversary

Our event opened with a speech by Mayor Betty Resch. She relayed a story of how she and Juanique attended to the passing of her dog, which encapsulates the message and practice of Gentle Pet Crossing. Mayor Resch said, “Juanique met me here, took my dog, and took care of her. And I want to thank them – for that, I will always be grateful, because I don’t know what I was going to do. We have an amazing city, and we’re doing the best we can.”

After she concluded her speech, Mayor Resch proceeded to cut the ribbon in front of our sanctuary.

Mayor Resch cutting the ribbon!

Throughout the event, we wanted to let all of our guests know about the full extent of our services. We explained the reason for our sanctuary, our euthanasia services, our aquamation services, keepsakes and memorabilia, and more. We put family first, and pets are as much a part of the family as anyone else. It’s only proper to give them the appropriate send-off and remembrance they deserve.

Catered food was provided by Monada Café, a new local family-owned business in downtown Lake Worth Beach. Monada Café opened in July 2021, only three months ago. The restaurant does not usually cater, but we felt that this was a great opportunity for the community to sample their delicious food. Dishes that were served include shrimp cocktail, bruschetta, empanadas, and more.

Courtesy of Monada Cafe.

Our DJ for the event was Anthony Mangini. Some months ago, he used our services for his furry family member, Yankee. After we formed a relationship with him, he was kind enough to offer to provide the music and entertainment for our event.

Anthony Mangini, our DJ for the event

Our event would not have been possible without help from Dave’s Last Resort and Raw Bar. They lent us tents and event equipment to use for the occasion. They’ve been in Lake Worth for over 20 years and have always provided quality service and food to everyone who passes through.

Tents were provided by Dave’s!

Local Vets and Clinics

Throughout the year, we’ve received a number of referrals from clients, animal hospitals, and veterinary clinics in the area. We’d like to thank everyone in the veterinary community who has contributed to our business in one way or another.



And of course, Dr. Rachel Thauberger, whose compassion and in-home euthanasia services have helped many pet parents move on.

Nods and Thanks

Our ribbon-cutting event was organized by the Community Redevelopment Agency of Lake Worth Beach. We’re very grateful that they were able to put together the plans and execute them so smoothly.

Other local businesses and organizations we’d like to thank for their continued support include our electric company, DRG Electric, and our plumbing company, Potty Doctor. Further, Compass Community Center of the LGBT sector offered tons of support and help leading up to and throughout the event.

We’d like to give a very special thanks to the mayor of Lake Worth Beach, Betty Resch, for taking time out of her busy schedule to appear at our event tonight. We’d also like to thank all of our supporters who understood our vision and helped us turn it into a reality; our friends and families who stood behind us every step of the way; and all of the pet parents who allowed us to help and serve them through the toughest of times.