Pet Keepsakes for Cats

Pet Keepsakes for Cats

You can choose a portrait keepsake with this sleeping position to remember how your cat napped.
The peace of a sleeping black cat. Photo by Marko Ganzaro on Unsplash.

After a pet cat passes away, you’ll have a few options. Gentle Pet Crossing specializes in aquamation, or the use of water to cremate your pet. This means you’ll be able to retain more of your cat’s remains than you would if you went with cremation by fire. As such, the keepsake you choose to house your cat is important – it’s a symbol of the love and relationship you had, and a reminder that they are still with you in spirit.

The space in your home where you choose to house your cat’s remains is an important metric when determining a keepsake. The most common keepsakes are simple urns or boxes, and they can be stored in many places. However, if you don’t have a lot of room, or if the spaces are not secure, you may want to look into alternative options to urns. You may opt for a portrait that can be hung in your home, or you could select a piece of urn jewelry that can be worn on your body. At Gentle Pet Crossing, we want to make sure your cat is as fondly remembered as possible, and their final resting place should be something you can appreciate.

Figurines and Urns

Urns are the most popular keepsake for cats, as well as wooden boxes. The boxes may have the cat’s name engraved or impressed on them, and urns can have signs or cards. Many people like to keep the urns on display, whether in a hutch with the remains of other family pets, or on a mantle. We offer many designs for urns, from rosewood urns with medallions to wooden pots with cat-paw designs.

If you want a more fitting keepsake for your cat, we also have figures shaped like kitties. In this way, you’ll always know the remains of your pet embody the form they lived with.

Portraits for Your Home

Many pet owners indulge in paintings of their pets. They may send a photo off to an artist, who will then create his own rendition. Portraits, on the other hand, are photographs, and you can place them in picture frames, painting frames, and more.

Your cat may have a specific position he loves to sleep in, such as on his back with his paws up and curled, or sitting with his forehead pressed to the ground. Your cat could be curled in her ball and nestled beneath her paw, as well. Sleeping portraits can showcase the peace and serenity associated with napping cats.

Additionally, your cat can simply be photographed with his favorite toy, lounging about, sitting at attention, or with you. Our designers can turn a series of photographs into a collage, create a design with your cat’s name, and customize the background for you.

With a portrait, you’ll always be able to look at your cat again and smile.

Small Pet Keepsakes

A perfect pose for memorialization to remember your cat's comfort.
Cats find comfort anywhere they go, awake or asleep. Photo by Sarah Ball on Unsplash.

We all want to remember our pets in the most honorable way possible, but for some, life can make it hard. If you’re constantly moving from location to location because of work, it can be stressful to have to transport a delicate urn filled with the remains of your pet cat. You have to carefully seal and wrap it so that it doesn’t break in transit. Worse, the urn can be lost if you entrust a separate party with it. We’ve all heard stories of luggage being lost on flights – it’s just as possible for an airline to misplace or lose your pet.

Smaller keepsakes, though, are easy to transport and are not nearly as fragile as an urn. Some of them can even be kept on you at all times as part of your jewelry and daily wear. A few examples of this urn jewelry include:

  • Bracelets to wear on your wrist that may contain remnants of your cat, or that may have paw print impressions on a block
  • Lockets of your cat’s hair or even whiskers that are stored in tiny capsules
  • Keychains with your cat’s remains, which can be fixed onto any ring on your keys, hung on a hook in a room, and more

Nose and paw impressions can be taken and applied to various pieces of jewelry for full accommodations. If you want to keep your cat close to your heart even after they’ve passed, we can attach a nose impression to a piece of metal that can be slid onto a necklace. This way, they’ll never be too far from nuzzling you again, even if only in memory.

Many cat owners appreciate the fact that they can carry their pet with them everywhere they go. This can provide a lot of comfort, especially to those whose cats were bastions of emotional support. Small keepsakes are gentle reminders of the memories of your cat.

Gentle Pet Crossing will help you decide the best fit for you if you are unsure.

Special Cat Keepsakes for You

Gentle Pet Crossing is committed to owners and their pets. We know how hard it is to lose a cat and how difficult it can be to say goodbye. For this reason, we have many options for appropriate keepsakes for your cat; you’ll be able to choose the item that most resonates with you and will be the best final resting place for your pet. After all, cats are members of the family as well, and there’s no greater honor than to be on display and remembered with reverence.

Contact Gentle Pet Crossing if you’re interested in learning more about aquamation and the different keepsakes we offer for your cats. Our afterlife care is environmentally friendly and ensures that you keep more of the remains of your pet cat. Cremation by fire can cause various emissions, but more importantly, the ashes of your cat could be mixed with other animals. We want to make sure you have your cat and yours alone.

We can help you through the entire process, from scheduling a funeral service through the delivery of your cat’s keepsake. We’re here for cat owners and their cats when it’s time to say goodbye with dignity.