We Offer Euthanization Services

Gentle Pet Crossing offers euthanization services as well as aquamations, to their clients. Talking about putting a pet down is never easy. When your pet is in so much untreatable pain, however, it’s oftentimes the kinder option. We will be releasing an article about how to know when you might need to consider euthanasia next month, so please stay tuned for that. If you’re here, though, you probably know that it’s time and you’re simply looking for ways we can help.

Call Us to Arrange Euthanization Services for Your Pet

Typically, when clients call us, we will ask for a date and time they wish to have the procedure done. We would then check the availability of our network of mobile vets, and select a veterinarian whose schedule best fits your request. We would then return your call to confirm the appointment with you. Sometimes, we can arrange same-day euthanasia services depending upon the vet’s availability. If this is what you desire, please ensure you bring it up when you call.

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Our Vets

Our vets are considerate, compassionate, and want the best for your pet. In fact, we’ve received many compliments from our clients in the past regarding our euthanization services. Here’s a lovely message we received recently from a client who just bid farewell to their pet.

“Thank you for all your services and empathetic help.  It means the world to us right now.  From the  compassionate way you communicated on phone calls , to the absolutely wonderful, caring vet that came to our home and the kind, gentle person helping us in your facility. So many thanks and heartfelt gratitude. We couldn’t have asked for better for our beautiful boy. ” – Anonymous Client

What Are My Options for Euthanization Services?

Typically, the family has the option of either at-home euthanizations or euthanization services conducted on-site at the Gentle Pet Crossing sanctuary. Everyone grieves differently, so we leave that completely up to our clients.

For at-home euthanizations, we usually follow our vet to your homes and take their pet when the process has been completed.

For on-site euthanization services, Gentle Pet Crossing would come to our clients’ homes, pick up their pets and take them to the sanctuary to have the procedure done. Oftentimes, the family will follow us to the sanctuary and wait for the process to be completed.

We would then open our sanctuary to the family so that they can spend a little more time with their pet. This isn’t a requirement, but many owners do elect this option. Some families choose to disinvite their young children from experiencing this process.

What is the GPC Sanctuary Like?

Helping our clients through the grieving process is a big part of what we do. Our sanctuary is outfitted with a private room where families can spend a little more time with their pets. We give our clients full privacy unless otherwise requested.

Our sanctuary is outfitted with a living wall of climbing greenery, multiple potted plants, calming music, a prayer box, essential oil diffusion, as well as refreshments like drinks and snacks. There is no time limit to how long a family can occupy our private room.

The Gentle Pet Crossing sanctuary is also a beautiful, low-stress, safe setting to bring young children and explain things to them.

A Safe Haven to Grieve

Our sanctuary is the perfect place for prayer, mindfulness, meditation, and for families to share stories about their pets. Many mourners decide to memorialize their pets by adding their names to the leaves of our clusia plant.

When it comes time to retrieve your pet’s remains, you will receive them from us in our hand-carved tree of life urn with a brass nameplate as part of our services as well as a fur clipping and an aquamation certificate as part of our regular service package. If you choose to use a different urn, we have a few upgrades available for an additional cost.

We also offer a number of other keepsakes including our memory portraits which are very popular, the paws and nose impression of your pet which can be turned into a necklace or keychain. We also offer paw prints in a box with a picture stand which is a perfect memorial to your pet which you can place in your home.

Saying goodbye seems impossible, but grief is always hard to bear alone. The valley of death is not a place you should have to walk through by yourself. Gentle Pet Crossing is here to help the darkness feel less suffocating, and to help your pet pass on painlessly, in comfort and dignity. We offer euthanization services that will see your pet peacefully to the rainbow bridge, removing the added stress of doing it yourself.