Aquamation is a Kosher Burial Option for Your Pet

Saying good-bye to a beloved pet is never easy but when the worst comes to pass, it can be difficult to decide what to do next. It can be harder if the available forms of pet afterlife care are directly against your beliefs, especially if you’re Jewish. Aquamation just might be the kosher burial alternative you’ve been looking for.


The Torah. Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

According to Custom: What’s a Kosher Burial and Why is Cremation Taboo?

You’re probably aware that cremation is one of the most frequently used forms of afterlife care in the US. For a millennia, however, it has been the Jewish custom that remains be buried after death. We do want to clarify- there is no actual law in the Torah against cremation, but it is taboo. Additionally, there are rules against defiling the deceased- and these prohibitions rule out cremation as a viable option under Judaism.

A 19th-century roundtable of rabbis nearly unanimously decided that cremation was the worst type of decoration of a body. This roundtable of rabbis cited the cremation of King Yehoyakim and the use of cremation as a means of punishment as the root of this taboo. Additionally, because the Jewish people believe that bodies are holy vessels, cremation is seen as disrespectful to YHWH as they believe mankind was made in His image.

golden retriever playing

We love our pets. They’re family. Photo by Michael Oxendine on Unsplash

Do the Torah’s Burial Customs Apply to Pets?

They technically don’t, but that’s not to say that the taboo of cremation doesn’t carry over from humans. Oftentimes, pets become part of our family and if you wouldn’t cremate a family member, why would you choose to do so with a pet?

husky walking on water

“Husky Walks on Water” by Fox Grom (Via Imgur)

Aquamation is a Kosher Burial Option for Your Pet

Gentle Pet Crossing provides a form of afterlife care for pets called aquamation which uses alkaline heated water to break bodies down in a gentler more eco-friendly way than cremation. We’ve taken the fire out of the equation completely, thereby freeing aquamation’s ties to the taboo-like punishment desecration by flame.

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Gentle Pet Crossing’s Sanctuary

We Offer Ways to Help You Say Good-Bye

When you visit Gentle Pet Crossing, you will find a myriad of comfort rooms and facilities for performing pet funerals. You can host the services in whatever way works best for you, we simply provide the space. Our large indoor sanctuary has wooden floors, living walls and waterfalls with comfortable couches and seating. Calming music plays throughout the facility to bring you peace and tranquility. Our staff works by appointment only and can arrange funeral services for our Jewish guests on Sundays.