Partnership Spotlight: Jupiter Veterinary Center



What Sets Jupiter Veterinary Center Apart?

Jupiter Veterinary Center isn’t your run-of-the-mill general practice facility. The clinic is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology including a hospital-grade HEPA air filtration system. They also have a pressurized surgery room, two ventilators and intensive care units, as well as exam rooms.

Jupiter Veterinary Center Dr. Rodrigues
Dr. Rodrigues and a Patient



Dr. Rodrigues is an emergency care specialist with eight years of experience at a busy Chicago veterinary emergency room, so she has handled a number of serious medical emergencies and ailments. This is why her expertise elevates Jupiter Veterinary a step above a general veterinary practice.

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The Lobby at Jupiter Veterinary Center
The Lobby at Jupiter Veterinary Center



They have painted their walls with neutral tones to calm pet owners while the ventilation system neutralizes all of the doctor’s office smells, so your pet can feel stress-free and at ease, too.



Jupiter Veterinary Center Dr. Rodrigues, Staff Member, and Patient
Dr. Rodrigues, Nurse, and Patient

Customer Service and Compassionate Care

Dr. Rodrigues and her staff are dedicated to providing care from the beginning to the end of a pet’s life. Jupiter Veterinary’s highly-trained staff is directed to provide excellent customer service by searching for the best possible solution to their problems.

Carolina, the Vet’s Practice Manager

Not only this, but they love establishing strong relationships with their patients and pet owners. It’s is a huge part of what they do! The staff at Jupiter Vet is devoted to offering their patients the high-quality healthcare of a specialized veterinary clinic for the same cost as the services that they might find at a general practice clinic.

They’re always seeking ways to elevate the experience of our patients and their human owners. This is why the staff loves meeting them face-to-face. Thanks to Jupiter Vet Center’s government-approved HEPA filtration system, their clinic one of the safest places for pets and their owners to be.

Carolina, Dr. Rodrigues, and Sam

Why Did Jupiter Veterinary Center Choose Gentle Pet Crossing?

Jupiter Veterinary Center was disappointed with their previous cremation partner. The company was so large that they made Jupiter Vet feel like a number. Dr. Rodrigues stumbled upon Gentle Pet Crossing while performing a Google search and was immediately impressed by our compassionate customer service as well as our eco-friendly approach to afterlife care and female leadership. So, we’re just as pleased to work with her as she is with us!




Everyone Must Abide by COVID Precautions

They welcome owners and patients alike into their facility thanks to their hospital-grade ventilation system, constant sanitization and large lobby. So, they will strictly enforce masking and social distancing protocols for the safety of other patients and their staff.