Pick Aquamation for Your Pet, Yourself & the Planet

Aquamation, or alkaline hydrolysis, is a wonderful way to honor your pet’s memory in a way that is good for your pet, yourself and the planet. Traditional cremation leaves you with fewer remains and pollutes the environment with toxins.  Aquamation is the process by which human and pet remains are dissolved with a combination of heat, water, and alkaline. You can discover more about the process here.

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Why Aquamation is Good for Your Pet

Aquamation is much gentler on the body of the departed than cremation or other burial options. It reduces your pet’s remains to its building blocks, leaving you with remains comprised of pure calcium phosphate and wastewater. Their body will be cared for in a sterile chamber where no other remains can be mixed with theirs. This gives them a farewell with dignity.

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Why Choosing Water Cremation for Your Pet is Good for You

Choosing this process will allow you to keep 20-30% more of your pet than you would have if you’d had them cremated. None of your pet’s remains will be lost in the process. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that your pet’s remains won’t be mixed with the remains of other people’s pets. When you allow Gentle Pet Crossing to help your beloved pet onto the next life, you will receive only your pet’s remains and no others.

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Why Aquamation is Good for the Environment

Aquamation is an environmentally safe process with a carbon footprint of about 1/10 the amount of a traditional cremation. The process itself sterilizes your pet’s remains, ensuring that any active medicines or chemical procedures still inside of your pet (including chemotherapy) are rendered inactive. If you decide to bury your pet, know that no harm will come to their resting place. Additionally, this process does not add toxic emissions to the atmosphere. Aquamation does not utilize a furnace and fire, but eco-friendly solvents and heated water.

We sincerely hope that this aids you in deciding the afterlife care that is best for you and your pet.