Which Pet Funeral Service is Best?

It can be difficult and painful losing a loved pet; they have been a part of your life, and you have so many good memories of them. You want to do everything you can to honor and cherish your pet, which is why considering which pet funeral service if best for you and your pet can help with the grieving process.

Cremation by Fire

Cremation by fire is when your pet’s body is placed in a crematory or furnace so it can be reduced to its essentials elements. There are three types of cremation by fire: private, semi-private or communal.

Private or individual cremation is when your pet’s body is the only crematory or furnace. Semi-private or partitioned is when multiple bodies are burned at the same time, but they are in different compartments.

Communal or group cremation is when multiple bodies are burned at the same time without any separation; this type of cremation usually results in the owner not getting the ashes back.

No matter which cremation option you choose, your pet’s ashes will get mixed with other pet’s ashes. Private or individual cremation has the least amount of comingling, but it does still happen.

Some crematories provide witnessed cremation, which is when you can watch the cremation service. At the end of the cremation service, the ashes are returned to you, unless specified.



Although you can’t carry your pet’s remains around with you like you could with ashes, burials do allow you to visit your pet’s resting place and hold personal, private funeral services. There are two types of burial options: home burial or pet cemetery burial.

With home burial, you can lay your pet’s remains to rest on your private property. However, some states do not allow home burials, so look up your state laws before proceeding. Pet cemetery burials are much like human burials with burial plots, caskets, tombstones, memorial services and more. There are over 400 pet cemeteries throughout the U.S.

Keep in mind that if you move, you can’t take the pet’s remains with you.


One of the more unknown options for a pet funeral service is through aquamation, or cremation by water. Unlike cremation by fire, aquamation does not burn the body. Instead, it is broken down to its essential elements using a mixture of water and alkaline.

Aquamation is considered a gentler, more eco-friendly option to cremation, as there are no direct emissions to the atmosphere, and less energy is used. Like cremation by fire, you do receive back ashes, but aquamation guarantees more remains; your pet’s body is placed in its own separate compartment, so it never mixes with another pet’s remains.


Gentle Pet Crossing

If you want to start planning your pet’s funeral service today, contact Gentle Pet Crossing. Along with aquamation services, we provide pet funeral memorial services where you can give your pet a peaceful, loving goodbye. You can host the funeral memorial service in whatever way works best for you.